Elizabeth Bishop

(8 February 1911 – 6 October 1979 / Worcester, Massachusetts)

The Fish - Poem by Elizabeth Bishop

I caught a tremendous fish
and held him beside the boat
half out of water, with my hook
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Comments about The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop

  • (11/10/2017 7:01:00 AM)

    This poem is boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg (Report) Reply

    (2/22/2018 3:29:00 PM)

    On My Momma It Is Hate Reading Stuff Like This It Make 0 Sense Like fr fr

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  • Sylva-onyema Uba (2/19/2017 11:55:00 PM)

    ...rainbow! rainbow!

    Well written and expressed piece of poem.

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  • (2/15/2017 11:41:00 PM)

    EB Salute
    If i am correct she publishes only 100 poems but (Lordy!) the first 3 i have read take this poet's breath away. Bill Grace (Report) Reply

  • Spock The Vegan (12/27/2015 6:19:00 PM)

    What a great poem, but a fish story, so I don't believe it happened. I may have to add her to my favorite poets list. (Report) Reply

    Spock The Vegan (5/7/2017 10:28:00 AM)

    After re-reading it, I think it happened. Not sure why I said that. Trying to be facetious?

    Kim Barney (5/7/2017)

    Personally, I DO believe it happened. I attended a poetry seminar today where this very poem was read by a professor of a local university. Everyone there was blown away by this poem. I couldn't wait to get home and boot up my computer to read it again on Poem Hunter.
    A fantastic poem.

  • (8/18/2015 1:07:00 AM)

    .....beautifully written...I'm very pleased she let him go ★ (Report) Reply

  • Fabrizio Frosini (7/11/2015 6:06:00 AM)

    the inextinguishable struggle of life... (Report) Reply

  • Howard 'the motivational poet' Simon (5/23/2015 4:30:00 PM)

    A fiscriptive and creative composition. (Report) Reply

  • Brian Jani (5/17/2014 2:46:00 PM)

    Elizqbethv A beautifully written poem. Keep it up (Report) Reply

    (12/11/2017 4:28:00 AM)

    @Kim Barney, thats one of my favorite comments on here, don't know why but it is

    Kim Barney (5/7/2017 12:04:00 AM)

    She can't keep it up, Brian. She died in 1979.

  • (11/26/2012 6:37:00 PM)

    This poem is so great that I can't put it into words. All l can say is that I'm glad that the fish was freed. (Report) Reply

  • (4/15/2010 12:07:00 AM)

    Elizabeth Bishop is renown to write poetry about the beauty of poetry. This poem is not an exception. The fisherman merely caught a fish, yet by his imagination and creativity(which is part of poetry) he was able to imagine the fish beyond what it was, not only talking about its skin but also about its innards and portraying it as a war veteran. In fact, the ending spoke of how the fisherman even began to see the colors of the rainbow. Sad to say, the poem focuses more on poetry itself; it is unlikely the poem is speaking of morality or life and death between the fisherman and the fish.
    Great poem!
    (Report) Reply

    Mohammed Asim Nehal (8/1/2016 2:04:00 PM)

    Very well said.

  • (7/5/2009 8:44:00 PM)

    Totally amazing. Beyond any fishing experience! ! !

    real poem!

    much more of what you see
    (Report) Reply

  • (1/28/2009 9:24:00 PM)

    I'm not an 'expert' when it comes to poetry but this one captures SO much! This is not about this 'poor ole fish'. This is about both of them and the struggle of life; hope,
    triumph, surrender and love. Exquisite!
    (Report) Reply

    (9/7/2014 1:08:00 AM)

    You may not be and expert, as they say, but you are a sensitive reader and, in this case, you recognized and exquisite poem. I agree with you 100%. I'm glad you reminded me to add this one to my list of favorite poems.

  • Paul Butters (3/1/2008 6:47:00 PM)

    Simply one of my favourite poems ever. Beautiful imagery. Glad she let go. (Report) Reply

  • (9/27/2006 10:44:00 AM)

    I think this is a wonderful poem by Elizabeth Bishop. It shows some of her striking characteristics: her eye of detail. Its a very interesting poem. Her details of the fishs eye is of extraodinary detail. Each layer creates a vivid image in my head. (Report) Reply

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