The Flesh In The Photo Poem by Aileen Figueroa

The Flesh In The Photo

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Is it time for your departure?
Will we ever see each other again?
You know very well we will, one day.
But when? Where? How?

In every moment, in every place.
You will see me everywhere,
all around you, my grace…

In your daily walk through our park.
If you witness by the lake,
a small paper boat sinking in trouble…
Mi Amor… hurry to rescue it.
Straighten its gear's into the correct path.
That could be me, that maybe me.
Remember me. The way I use to be.

If you ever see a small baby bird
lost in the coldest day of the winter,
protect him, Mi Amor…
Cover him with your contagious warmth.
That could be me. That maybe me.
Yo creo que si, es yo.
Remember me. The way I use to be.

Finely at the very end
when your new bow arrives…
That young man,
which will have his hopes high in ways
of conquering your true love.
Feels a little anger,
intimidated by the flesh of me in the photo…
That you, so vigorously protect
and cherish close to your heart.
Tell him……
That I was someone, who once passed by.
Someone, who stood in your pass,
that means nothing.I was just an illusion
that the breeze rushed in and out of your life.
I mean nothing but a photo
of a friend that you once knew.

And you? What will become of you? She asked
He chuckle with a sad smile
I will stay here in the pass.
It's another form of departure… No?
She began to cry in his arms,
like if she can somehow fine refuge
in his closeness.
No… No, no everything is fine.
He try so hard to confer her.

Tell him……
I was just an illusion
that the breeze rushed in and out of your life
I mean nothing,
but a photo of a friend that you once knew.
He brush her hair back
as his tears rolled down his cheeks
Mi Amor, my departure is here…
I have to leave you…
Please don't forget me.
He held her tight one last time
and whisper in her ears
'Remember me… In the way we use to be'
as he closed his eyes.

Written by Aileen Figueroa / Singlestar 12/18/2014

I was born today
but my creator has not given me a name.
Can you help her? Should it be
'The Departure' or 'The Flesh on the Photo'?

The Flesh In The Photo
Thursday, January 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: departure
Dedicated to all who belong to a foreign country or nationwho can not stay with their love one and are deported. Forced to leave all they know and love behind. Many parish form sickness and loneliness.
Roseann Shawiak 16 February 2016

Very intelligent and enlightening poem, Aileen. If people would only do things legally this sort of thing wouldn't happen, they'd be able to stay with the ones they love so much. A lot of this is seen here in the U.S. because people keep crossing our borders illegally, I do not understand this sort of thinking. A lot of our Grandparents came here from other countries and did everything legally that was asked of them. They were proud of becoming American's, even learning how to speak English! Our Creator created us all equally, but we must all follow the laws of the country we are in. However, I do appreciate the sentiments you have written of in your poem, maybe that person will do things legally and be allowed to come back.10++ Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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