The Freedom Of The Sea Poem by Night Flyer

The Freedom Of The Sea

Brave sailors who sailed distant seas
In ages, crossing Neptune's realm
Sweet treasure's call, their minds, it pleased
Through surging waves, they took the helm.

With sextants held neath silver stars
They plied swift currents in the breeze
And sailed their ships to islands far
Past harbor lights and port cities.

For what rich treasures spurred their quests
For gold or silver, were they sent
With wanderlust that never rests
To ends of earth they gladly went.

But give me treasure that is real
The chance to write some poetry
On swirling waves, this heart will heal
And feel the freedom of the sea.

Don't want to stay here anymore
And drown in my uncertainties
I'd rather hear the ocean's roar
And see Gibraltar's majesty.

And know that I shall join someday
Those ancient mariners of yore
And reach that land so far away
Elysium's enchanted shore.

Sandra Feldman 02 September 2022

Loved this excellent seafaring poem! Its musical rhythm is fantastic, sways like the wind and follows the of the moving trance of the ocean conquering the reader as well. Good n

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Night Flyer

Night Flyer

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