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The Fuss On Orphanages In Kerala India - Poem by Nasarudheen.P. Parameswaran

My Life at the Orphanages was a wonderful experience and exposure to social services. Altogether, I worked in eleven Orphanages working as a teacher, a Principal and a warden well functioning in Malappuram, Palghat, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Kasaragod in Kerala. I dined with the orphans and the destitute, played with them, slept (not for sex but as warden to look after them) , My service began in 1980. I still work in such instituttion having more than 1400 inmates
All those Orphanages are owned by a Trust or Society registered under the Registration Acts prevailing in Kerala. They are run by the philanthropists. I have heard of some individually managed institutions are for making money exploiting the generous people. The Corporate managements provide food, accommodation and medical facilities to the inmates and actually they are becoming the true guardian of those helpless folk. There are Home Care Projects too. Under it children below the age of ten are protected with all expenses met by the Orphanages. Later, they are brought to the Orphanages for further study. All of them where I worked are managed by Muslim Organizations to provide the Spiritual and the Material Education to the children of their community mainly. At the schools under aided or unaided schemes children of any community are admitted.
The need of children for service: To continue the work smoothly children are needed. This is also a field of competition among different sects of Muslim Community. So children are brought here in Kerala and protected them from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu. As Indians are brothers and sisters regional restrictions are unjustifiable. Among the Muslims of northern States in India there is no spiritual knowledge as in Kerala. So those who are getting aware of it try to send their children here. If brokers make money exploiting this ignorance of the parents it must be blocked instead of blocking children. The more the children, the more will be the programmes of the Orphanages.
A.P.Group in Islam has far developed than the E.K Group. The E.K.Group is in support of Musim League and the A, P. group was with the L.D.F and now leaned to U.D.F after the insulting comment of Mr.Pinarayi Vijayan on the 'Share Mubarak' issue in Kerala. This group usually keeps a strategy of middle path to get help from all sections of the community. This community of A.P. group works all over India by establishing schools, madarasas (school for religious education) , Masjids, providing water-supply schemes to the backward area etc. Jamaat-e-Islami has also got a national base. With baseless fights, the Mujahid groups are splitting and spoiling themselves. The Quadian group too works in India for the improvement of the Muslims.
Kerala is the base of real Christian and Muslim activities In India while of the Hindus is the North India, So Kerala strongly reacts to the issues of the minorities. It has political repercussions too. Communal identity politics holds a ground in 'educated 'Kerala. It adds fuel to the fire. It is in this background we must analyze the Orphanage issues.
Fund raising: These orphanages are pull on with the generous help by cash and kind by the well-wishers and the faithful who fear Allah. At every institution special prayers are conducted on that day the participants from outside give alms(money to their ability) : the receivers(collection agents) collect money from the boxes kept in houses of the followers of the respective religious sect. The interested groups working in foreign countries take the financial burdens of a student, or providing various facilities like buying vehicles to constructing buildings. The rich and generous natives of the foreign countries are also attracted to the institutions and their aid is availed of.Running an Orphanage is a social and spiritual commitment for religious people.
Number of children, and number of courses imparted are important for publicity of progress of the institution and that is a force to persuade people to donate more. So, from the spiritual and economic point of view bringing the needy children I not 'trafficking' but providing a chance to grow up for the poor. We know no institution can be run without financial stability. Generous people and the pious people are the guarantors of financial support of these Orphanages.
After Education: The educated after the assigned study, goes abroad for job suitable to their qualifications; some stay here in India to be the teachers, priests, or manual labourers. Some institutions provide guidance and training Any way they make a livelihood by hard work.
Muslims mainly go to Gulf countries and England seeking jobs and Hindus and Christians go to USA or other Western countries. So, there is a political pressure from the Christian dominated west and the Muslim dominated Gulf -Islamic culture in India. This makes a struggle between pro-Globalization-Western Culture and the Islamic Culture as 'The Clash of Civilizations: The Remaking of the New World Order' of Samuel Huntington (USA) narrates. The Indians are under the pressure of this religious identity politically psychic clash.
The unemployed are exploited: Only the unemployed, actually irreligious, hopeless drug addicts without any religious conscience having craving to luxury life become extremists or terrorists. Present education doest not give them a chance to come up in the economic sphere. So they find the short cut for making money is smuggling gold, drug-smuggling or fake note supply. Under pressure of poverty and hopelessness in life they are being lured to anti-national activities. Unemployed youth are exploited and tempted by our own rude politicians.By giving training after restructuring our educational system as job oriented and providing jobs to youngsters their antisocial activities can be rooted out.
Sale of students: It is baseless to say that children or their organs are sold at the orphanages. This accusation is a spiritual crime. Grown up girls are given in marriages with permission of the guardians (parents) in Orphanages.It is a social service not a sale at any cost. It is a boon for parents and prevents sexual exploitations of the marriage dealers.
Sexual perversions: No such sexual perversions/misuse are allowed/winked at in Orphanages.If at all any such temptation is found severe action will be taken against culprits unlike in the Government hostels.
Instead of identity political interpretations of the 'present trafficking', This social service, be appreciated and supported.It is the progress of all not a few people that gives progress and development of the nation. Positive action is the need of the hour not mere slogan 'Bharat Matha Ki Jai'.
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