The Gift Of His Love Poem by Shelly Price

The Gift Of His Love

We lay there silent in the darkness,
with not a single thing to say.
Words could not describe the feelings,
that we no longer could push away.

I could feel the beating of his heart,
it was reaching out to touch my own.
His eyes were filled with happiness,
as his whisper turned into a moan.

Nothing could have come between us,
our bodies were tangeled together as a whole.
I could feel him loving every part of me,
he was loving my mind, my body and my soul.

I'll never forget the look on his face,
or the passion and fever I saw in his eyes.
I could see him letting go of all his fears,
I could see him letting go of his disguise.

He looked at me with such tenderness,
as he continued to hold me tight.
He gazed deeply into my eyes as he spoke,
and said 'I won't ever forget this night'.

He said he loved me and he needed me,
the words still echo within my mind.
He has given me such a cherished gift,
the gift of love...simple and devine.

To My man...E.M. I will love you
for as long as there is air to breathe.

Copyright © 2004 Shelly Price
All rights reserved

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