The Woman I Am Poem by Shelly Price

The Woman I Am

I'm known as the defiant one...
My life is full, my life is fun.
I dance at dusk in the moonlight,
and I play at dawn in the sun.

I conform to no one elses rules,
I'm a woman of my own.
I will not bend to obey your will,
I'll choose first to stand alone.

My love I freely give to you,
but it's not for you to control.
My love is free and expressive,
it's what makes me a woman whole.

I cast aside all your claims,
when you say I belong to you.
For I belong unto myself,
only to my own self I am true.

I am a woman strong and proud,
I live by my own moral code.
Internal strength is my vistory,
for it is I who carries my load.

Please do not try to own me,
I'm not some prize to be won.
I stand firm with my convictions,
each day when my day is done.

This life I live belongs to me,
I share it with whom I choose.
Please don't try to change me,
like you change a pair of shoes.

Just because I'm in love with you,
doesn't change the woman I am.
You can't lead my soul to slaughter,
like some meek and gentle lamb.

I am percisely who I want to be,
you must accept me for what you see.
I have a world of love to give,
if you can love the gift of me.

Don't compare me to the others,
I'm not clay for you to mold.
Don't put a chain upon my spirit,
for my spirit's not yours to hold.

Inside and out I am beautiful,
the beauty of my spirit is free.
I too have flaws and inperfections,
which is what makes me uniquely me.

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