* The Gospel Is The Heart Of Everything! Poem by Denis Martindale

* The Gospel Is The Heart Of Everything!

Without love God sent from Heaven
Each life fills with regret,
For how else is Man forgiven
And how else could God forget?
For sin remains, no thought to leave,
Until God paves the way,
Until, like others, we receive
Escape from Judgment Day...

Why else would Jesus choose to die?
The Father loved Him so,
Yet God loved Him and you and I,
Thus Jesus had to go...
To Calvary and all that was,
First beaten, scourged, despised
And only then, nailed to the Cross,
Where Christ was sacrificed...

The Lamb of God, the Son of Man,
Messiah and much more,
Because, through this, it served God's plan,
Both then and evermore...
Few could have gone and suffered all,
Few could have stayed the course,
Yet Jesus went for God's people,
Who'd broken all His laws...

And we're the same, yes, here, today,
We're guilty sinners, too,
God pardons now, please don't delay,
Lord Jesus welcomes you...
Amazing grace? New lives for old,
The Gospel's offered still,
Thanks to God's Son, as good as gold,
Who died on Calvary's hill...

Denis Martindale, copyright May 2014.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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