The Gothic Ballad Poem by Ankoku Gekido

The Gothic Ballad

Rating: 4.9

I walk carelessly down the dark road
My heavy black boots constantly clicking
Clicking on the cold cement
My long black and velvet Trench coat
Billowing in the slight breeze
My Chest slightly rising under my tight corset
My chains on my pants jingling together
As I walk down this Moon lit road
Staring up at the midnight moon
This is the ballad
The ballad of the lost
Of the silent warriors
Of the people you pass by and call freaks
Of the people
Who will save your soul
For our souls are pure
Our souls sing this ballad
The ballad of the night
The ballad of the pure hearts

Lindsey Ashton 15 October 2008

isnt a supposed to rhyme?

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 16 November 2008

I loved the visualisation and I could almost hear the clicking shoes too. Great work. Keep writing.

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Nancy Oyula 10 September 2014

My oh my! Don't I love your work, Ankoku. Lovely :)

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Prishika Nagar 15 March 2014

Great poem =^_^= your good at writing poems

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hi i really like your poem i do understand were you are comeing from lots of people judge people by there clothes etc before even knowing them i do have a few goth mates and they are relly nice people

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Anthony Han 01 June 2009

intresting poem, i can imagine alotta of the stuff that is going on: P

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Jelena Prica 27 December 2008

this si such a goodo poem your so good at it i love this poem so much keep on doing waht your doing your good at it >>>

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