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This is my absolution
No necessary salvation
There's got to be someone else in this serenity
That can see the evil against this calamity

I have come to the mark of my set time
Where I shall die and what awaits I do not know
I will darken the light around me, in a fit of animosity
Emerge the same, shining past the wrongs I have started

I knew it was going to happen
When the sand shifted to begin
Tragedy without suffice on route 66th
Flashing before my life or was it 55th

Unable to fall down
I'm thinking twenty four seven
So much that it's burning upon
The air I'm falling in

Is there a soul out here
In life.
A scientist A doctor
A researcher A humanitarian

Rain on my soul
Time fluidly flows
Stress in the mind melting
Precipitating events unclear to the naked eye

I just don't know

what to do without you


Life is the start of a new beginning

Happiness is nutrition to enjoy life itself

There's a man standing upright hidden
He's asking for some spare change
The onlookers give and go
Remorse or without its hard to say

Remembering you
Thinking of how we used to laugh
Conversations just to make some talk
Grab a hold of the chalk

I took in all I could
Flavors of what life offered
Taste that could turn your tongue around
Dissatisfying sensations like explosions

Took me on a prayer
My will dispersed throughout
Surprised I let go
Despicable fog within my mind

Ka-Ta-Na with giggles heard
Me and my buddy used to use rulers and say
In a child like voice
Shifting the blade of the samurai

Dad why do people go crazy?
Well son what do you mean?
They do commit odd acts of such
Slaughter thievery and perjury


Curse Words
Mean a lot to me
Not to be heard by anyone else
Stub my toe fall and trip

For every girl that captures my heart
Causes my heart to beat short
Of a close centimeter
Since I am nothing but a decimator

I can't paint, rap or sing
I don't know how to fight, tap a beat or swing
I cant act, map or fling
Myself into the moment all the time

Its all so Wizardly
A poor lad about ye tall 5 ft 3
16 years alive
sees the lass of his dreams

There is this street located in Long Beach
Lot of ma and pa stores one would say
There is El Sol bakery in front of the Police Station
Liquor store with the goods we get around

There's a darkness in the garden
Without its corruption
I would be able to sleep easier
No one else can see it except for my laser

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One Sail stands for my Chinese name given to me by my parents. Yi Fan. I am not very legible in reading or writing the mandarin dialect. I am American Taiwanese, I write poetry and stories. At times I do photography, however nothing that professional. I plan on finishing my first novel of my series called Shadows of God within my spare time. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I'll just keep dreaming until it ends and wake up seeing it become a reality... I believe through poetry. People can connect and are able to break barriers of all sorts. I feel that poetry helps most people throughout history to live through the times. Rough or not poetry is the root of many other art forms. Whether the person is a poet or not. They can always benefit somehow by writing poetry for their own sake as well. As an artist I try to work towards a better tomorrow. A better future for the mankind of the present time. The total existence of the world. So that what I do as a artist will help inspire people to do what they think they must do to help the world or to just enjoy it. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - My contact email is

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Resolution Of Tears

This is my absolution
No necessary salvation
There's got to be someone else in this serenity
That can see the evil against this calamity

Let the fallen rise in their own
So we may slay their dark intentions
Bring oneself closer to God
Inhibitions of the one and only

Remorse of a golden age
New era secured by ancient lions
Praise thy lord my soul to keep
As I wait amongst this tower keep

How much would it cost
For all the world tonight
To complete a dynasty
Merge any uncertainty

And well go solve
As strong as our resolve
Let the heavens not fall
For this is a battle call

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Anthony Han Popularity

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