The Greatest Sound Ever Is Of An Incoming Helicopter Poem by Ray Mesa

The Greatest Sound Ever Is Of An Incoming Helicopter

I'm in a cage with a single lock
And there are no keys
In a way, I'm stuck under a rock
And there is no one around but me
You have your rain
I have my mud
You are sane
I am loved
But with each other
We are but
A fire in a storm
A blind man at a rock concert
Dire feelings for home
Nothing more, then lose concrete

In a room, my tear duct is wet
Sudden doom, Sudden fret
Stuck in a moist cave with a open flame and cigarette
Here is my two cents; it’s all I got left to bet

Create me a fable, label it so many things
Be a rebel, and cut your hair and leave your bangs
Rope a good girl, and then let her hang
Bells and Balloons, Engagement rings after a divorce meeting
A butcher and a surgeon are only parted by one thing
And that is a paycheck
A crumbling mistake resting upon my breast
I know I am going to break loose soon
Or die trying
Crossing over to the darker side of my cocoon
Left crying
In a art room at school
Drown me in the pool
And forget my name
I'm a prisoner to the pencil
A slave to the game
Cutting my wrist and hitting metal
I am bourgeoisie, I am to blame

So I got my key
It's just you and me
Stuck in drive
I'll never going to sleep or hide
I am going to pedal this mistake to the end
I'll crash with myself and my only friends
I am going to die a lasting death
Well I am still here; I am not going to rest
Until I get out or die
Kiss me or Kill me
It's the end of the ride
And you are just mine
Loving a Lock
Making music with steel bars
I just the feeling of not dealing with you
I just love the fake and the true
And if that helicopter comes anywhere soon
I'll shoot it down with a clip and helium balloon
Because life hasn't been better
Since I've left you

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