The Hero Poem by N N P Parameswaran(Nasarudheen.P)

The Hero

Hegel’s Hero appeared with video of heroes
To teach me Ideas and dialectics in society;
I saw there, Lions and Foxes of Machiavelli
Fighting, growling, springing from bushes.
Aimless Dame Fortune moves in history past
Politics of India, snowy, foggy, and shadowy!
Shivering men squat passive keeping “ID card”
As Greek slaves, before the Democratic Lords.
General Will, as Rousseau says, forms society,
Nation, Governments based on Ideas extant.
Lords, and the wealthy ruled rudely the ruled
In the past, as history moved as cruelly as fast.
God’s own Universe sans universal concept
On Peace; builds walls around each groups.
Religions fail to link the parted and parched
People who worship vicious Cain and Mammon.
Marx, Engels, and Mao came with the legions
Stumbled, humbled and stifled by the Mammons.
Buddha, Christ and the Prophet Mohammad
Told of Love, Grace, Patience and of Pardon
My Lord, why, we fail to wipe tears and fears?
“Sambhavami yuge yuge” says hazy, Hegel fades.
parithranaya sadhunam/ vinasaya cha dushkritham/
dharmmasamsthapanardhaya/sambhavami yuge yuge.
When in India can we expect such a Hero: Kalki, in Kali?
To be trapped, jailed as terrorist protestant, really!

1.(“The Christian idea that all men stand as equal in the sight of God, has had its political consequences.”Andrew Hacker, Political Theory, p.433) .
2.To Hegel, “The German nations, under the influence of Christianity, were the first to attain the consciousness that man as man, is free”: it is freedom of spirit which constitute its essence, This consciousness arose first in religion, the innermost region of spirit; but to introduce the principle into various relations of the actual world, involves a more extensive problem than its simple implantation; a problem whose solution and application require a severe and lengthened process of culture”.(Political Theory, p.433)
3.“Hero is a builder: of a nation. a political movement, an industrial empire, a new religion”(Political Theory, p.434) .(Hero is the World Historical Man)
4.Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita tells: parithranaya sadhunam
vinasaya cha dushkritham
sambhavami yuge yuge” (4: 8)
To protect the good people, to destroy the evil and establish the righteousness, I, (Lord: Hero) come in to the world. “Panditha sama darshina” Gita,5: 18) A Scholar consider all equals. In his speech, Prophet Muhammad(pbh) said in his last speech in Mecca, “There is no difference between the white and the black people; no difference between an Arab or a non Arab. The only difference is in piety and knowledge. In the Madina Charter he signed with the Jews, Christians and other non believers, he assured that all will be treated equals irrespective of their faith or race.
5.Kalki: the expected incarnation of Lord Vishnu by Hindus. Kali: the wicked age where in virtue is shadowed by vices.
Geetima Baruah Sarma 24 June 2013

A thought provoking composition indeed.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 23 June 2013

You have dug the immensity nice

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Payal Parande 17 June 2013

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi an intense piece and we do need explosions like this in our life so we can wake up and start cleaning our mess....brilliant write sir

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Valsa George 17 June 2013

A great write so profound and vast! ! Tugging at the very core of all ideologies! Who shall be our redeemer to set us free from the clutches of Kali when we ourselves refuse to wake up from our indolent slumber and wait for things to unroll in their natural course.... Sambhavami Yuge Yuge!

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