The Hidden Personality Poem by Belinda Richmond

The Hidden Personality

Rating: 4.7

The eye is the window to the soul;
I hide my personality there;
If you look right into my eyes,
You would see that she comes with fear.

I am Just like a cut Diamond;
My personality is so very rare;
I feel I have Great value;
Please handle me with Love and With care.

This personality that you see is timid;
At times, I can come off as shy;
I am scared to show you my real true self; and Often, I am wondering why.

I am Living a True LIVE Fantasy, but
Destined for it to be Reality;
I just wished my personality wasn't so hidden;
My personality wants to break Free.

I Express myself through writing;
Pen to paper is how I Flow;
I Will continue to Express
the REAL TRUE ME! ! !
That everyone would Love
to Know! ! ! !


The Hidden Personality
Nabakishore Dash 31 January 2023

Congrats for pod.A very nice poem indeed..

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Congratulations, Poet Ms Richmond on POD Members. Great work. Well-deserved recognition. Top score

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Rob Lamberton 31 January 2023

Congratulations on Member Poem Of The Day! And thank you for sharing your personality with us! !

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Mac Che 31 January 2023

I am Living a True LIVE Fantasy, but Destined for it to be Reality; ~ beautiful

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Anisha Nyambe 03 January 2023

your expressions can lie, lips will lie, numbers will lie if you miscalculate but eyes, they will lead you the depths of ones soul. a beautiful poem

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Belinda Richmond 05 January 2023

Thank you so much

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