James Shaw

The House - Poem by James Shaw

I walk on this path through the woods
Coming back from town with some goods
A cloudy day, wet and dark
But happy as can be with light in my heart,
As I walk on this road I see a another path
I stop and say “What does the end of this lane hath? ”
I stand and ponder, then begin down the narrow way
Letting my playful curiosity lead me astray
Walking; the forest around me darkens and thicken
My breathing comes faster as I suddenly quicken
Then a clearing leading me to a large house
Dark and silent, abandoned until this sudden rouse
An inward force draws me in calling me,
As if this house had its own plea
I answer its call as I enter
There is a long hallway leading to the center
A circular room with a spiral staircase
Up or down? Where should I go first in this place?
I take the stairs upwards, following my instincts
My heart and feet seeming to be in synch
At the top of the stairs a door
Carved in the wood are the words “My Lost Lenore”
I open the door and look into the room
The chamber was a wreck, the aftermath of a fume
Nothing in here, this room is a bore
Then in a whisper I hear “Nevermore”
I hurry down the stairs back to the circular room
Looking for more house for my eyes to consume
I take the spiral stairs down
To see what else is around
The stairs take me to the basement, dark and bleak
There was a rattling of chains and a loud shriek
I stop with a shock and fright
Chained to the brick wall a monster of terrible might
Disfigured the monster wore shackles named “Society”
I stand looking at the monster with anxiety
“Who are you? ” I demand
“You are no creature of this land! ”
The beast wails and says in a horrible tone
“I am the beast in you a monster alone”
Shocked to hear this I look closer at the fiend
I see me, a horrible me, not entirely convened
“What do you want of me? ” I ask
“Freedom, unlock my shackles a simple task”
I stand and think, why should I help this beast
Why should this demon be released?
“You let me go, and I will tell you how to tame me”
“Tame the beast within me? Enticing I agree”
I walk over freeing the beast from his chains
Then a sudden chill came flowing through my veins
The beast gave a cry of freedom and smiled an evil grin
I have just committed the greatest of all sin
The beast of me grabbed and locked me into the cuffs
Now the beast elated in revealing his bluff
“There is no way to tame me, for I am your worst nightmare”
I scream “You can’t do this it isn’t fair! ”
The beast then left me there wailing
Turning me into the beast, my arms flailing
Leaving me in the dark house alone
Nothing, no one, on my own

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 24, 2010

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