The Human Problem: Nuclear Tales From The End Of The World Poem by Erin Cowart

The Human Problem: Nuclear Tales From The End Of The World

We harnessed the power of the sun
Created cells and life from nothing
Cloned and duplicated
The work of the Gods

Holding fire
And life
And death
In the palm of our hands

And in our vanity
Believed that we were wise
Believed that we could play with the power of the Gods
Without their wisdom to guide us

When men rage against insignificant differences
When we chase the death of what we do not understand
When division and separateness define our choices
Then there will come the inevitable time

When we will use the power to destroy
Not realizing that we have sealed our fate with those we would harm
For the fire is untamable
And will burn us all the same

Control is an illusion
And some things once loosed on the world
Cannot be shackled again
Even if we wanted them to be

Humanity's end has been written
A date with death awaits
And all that remains to be seen
Is who will push the button

Thursday, August 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: humanity
Erin Cowart

Erin Cowart

Gainesville, FL
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