Yahweh Is Calling Poem by Alaska Roads

Yahweh Is Calling

Rating: 3.6

Yahweh, thank you Abba, for calling me home
Reminding me we are not her to be a drone
Waking me up that fateful September day
When I was going about my Babylonian way
Doing what ever good yuppies do
Probably talking about expensive German brew
Maybe shopping for my next Lexus truck
Spending my tithe at a trendy Starbucks
It doesn’t matter what I was doing then
It’s here and now, that the work begins
Looking back when I was a pre-teen child
I remember you telling me, at forty, thing will go wild
I remember telling you, I would never take the mark
You said, we’ll see what you do, after the spark
I saw the sparks on those buildings, and knew
This is the first, big heaven sent clue
Yahweh you got my self indulgent attention
Then you told me to stay far from church convention
Could this have something to do with the mark, I thought
Everything, X marks the spot
You’ve got to be kidding, how could that be
What Easter Sunday and that big Christmas tree
Oh my, that was all show and a money making lie
Fossilized Customs was the first excellent book
That showed that the church is number one crook
Then the scriptures that I began to read
All lined up and totally agreed
Looking around on were to go next
You led me to get a Strong’s dictionary to examine the text
Then I realized important facts were hid
Probably by Jesuit priests, the ones who fondle kids
Abba I started with the first 10 orders
Keeping the Sabbath day within your given borders
And then finding out god was never your name
There is no power in it, explains why everyone’s insane
Everyone’s eating swine, a huge abomination
A lie taught in nearly every denomination
The fact that the letter J is less than 500 years old
Shows me that the name Jesus, is wrong to be told
Then I saw JeremiYAH, ObadYAH, IsaYAH had you in the name
Yahweh’s salvation is what we should proclaim
And he was born a Hebrew
YAHsha is the only thing he would have answered to
Now I feel a home with your torah and messiah
I know your there to guide even when we sigha
Thank you Yahweh for taking my hand
Waking me up for the march to the promise land

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