The Killing Of Lamby Poem by Paul Buttigieg

The Killing Of Lamby

Lamby was Col's best pet and worked the Robinson's run
Wandered around the yard everywhere eating plants for fun
He did not know he was being stalked or that the end was nigh
Col had to catch him first before he could ever die

Well the afternoon progressed and butcher Darren opened the gate
Whilst his lovely girlfriend Katie progressed the car that held lamby's fate
The butcher grabbed the killing knife that had a blade so keen
But Lamby seemed to sense his doom and just could not be seen

So Col worked his magic tricks with wheat and a bit of rope
Lamby got a sense of this too who said the sheep's a dope
Time went by then a whisper came should we shoot the bloody thing
Hell no Katie yelled imagine the disdain that - that would bring

In the end all hope was lost and the trapping of Lamby failed
I'm not sure what happened that day or how Lamby's end was nailed
Someone said the butcher played a pretty good hand
In the Killing of Lamby on the day of his last stand

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: humour
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