Josh Burnett

Rookie (Feburary 12 1987 / Germany)

The Long Journey Home - Poem by Josh Burnett

I barely creep through this life on a long journey home.
I dare not say one word for you will hear me.
I keep my head down watching every bump and gully.
I can hear you speak my name but I dare not answer.
I can feel the rain drops hitting the pavement of my life.
I can hear the cracking boom of the thunder shaking the ground.
I feel so lost and alone at times with nobody to help me through.

My knees feel like get shaking beneath my upper torso.
My hands tremble as I reach out in front of me through darkness.
My legs tremble and I begin to have second thoughts.
My ears perk up as I hear the deadly rushing wind through trees.
My lips quiver as the wind beats me in the face driving me back.
My eyes search for that glimmer of light above my head.
My arms are heavy from the cold that's all around me.

Thoughts run through my head of giving up.
Thoughts of how much further I have to press onward.
Thoughts of fighting the fiery trails run through my veins.
Thoughts of losing my feet on the ground.
Thoughts of that harsh pain from long ago invade my mind.
Thoughts of never being able to reach the end breaks me down.

I think that I will never make it to the end and get back home.
I believe that my time has come to stop where I am and not press on.
I think that it will only get harder as I put every mile behind me.
I believe the thoughts of doubt and begin to give in to them.
I think that I will never see that light shining so brightly.
I believe the echoes that invade my ears and my mind.
I think that I am ready to lie down on the side of my journey.

I can hear something echoing from afar.
I can hear the faintest cries and screams carrying through the wind.
I can hear words running through my mind of hope.
I begin to press onward despite the wind pulling me back.
I lean foward and embrace the wind and take one step foward.
I can feel my feet moving one step at a time.
I can feel my legs growing stronger than ever before.

Could it be that this new feeling is what I have desired most?
Could it be that there is still a little spark of my heart?
Could it be that spark is growing into a bright flame?
Could it be that my mind is growing with hope?
Could it be the fiery trials are starting to die down and turn into ash?
Could it be that my feet have stopped trembling for the first time?
Could it be that I am finally starting to believe?

I begin to look behind me and everything seems dark and hopeless.
I'm afraid to turn around and see what lies ahead of me.
I turn ever so slightly and face foward.

There it is that hope right before my eyes.
There I see it so clearly now that beam of light.
There in that beam could it really be what I've been searching for?

Yes I believe that I have made it through my journey.
Yes I see that I have finally made it home.

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