Josh Burnett

Rookie (Feburary 12 1987 / Germany)

Thought - Poem by Josh Burnett

I've called out so many times in the darkness,
But I would never hear the answer back.
It's been a year since I've been able to feel,
And I don't even know if my life is real.
Could it be that I am just a figment of an imagination
From someone else wanting what I want.
Do I really live in the nimd of other thoughts?
It cannot possibly be because I can feel the hurt.
I can feel the pain burning,
I believe that you can feel thoughts,
But thoughts alone cannot feel.
But I feel my whole body, spirit and soul trapped in a box,
And I dangle on the edge of a void.
I'm afraid for myself because if I am just a thought,
I could disappear and no one would miss me.
Tears escape my eyes like water dripping from a faucet,
And I no longer can feel the beat within.
But if the heart stops doesn't that mean I am dead?
Then why am I still here?
I must've escaped from the hurts of the world,
But where is that promise land?
I've waited so long for this moment,
But there is nothing here to greet a newcomer.
I must've turned into a ghost from all the anguish and pain.
Is this really the reason why I lived?
To come back to haunt.
Then my worst fear wasn't my worst fear at all,
But now I'm really caught.
But wait I cann feel something changing within me,
I can hear echoes of laughter from across the void.
I can feel a gentle hand grabbing mine,
But I look down and nothing is there.
I watch a little longer and my hands begin to disappear.
What is this?
I look down at my legs but they are gone,
As I disappear from the waist up.
Nothing is left but my head and I leave this void to never exist again...

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