The Lost Days Poem by Preetam Shetty

The Lost Days

Rating: 5.0

Take away all my wealth
Don’t give me anything I lack
Just get me back those days
The days that I lost long back

The days when my father
Held me by my finger
The days when on streets
Without worries I did linger

The days when I had fever
I had my mother’s warmth to prevent shiver
The days when I laughed merrily
And to everyone I was dear

The days when I used to cry
Was only when I needed a toy
The days when my heart was pure
And knew not how to ploy

The days when parties were fewer
Yet I needed no wine or beer
The days when I had a kite
And the sky above was clear

The days when I had no commitments
Never worried about investments
The days when things were new
And I awed at them with amusement

The days when nights were long
Garnished with grandma’s song
The days when there were friends
Gardens and beaches we throng

Today I have a lot of sense
But I have lost that innocence
Today I live in obstinacy
I am left with no perseverance

Gita Ashok 20 May 2010

Nice. It made me take a walk down memory lane...

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