The First Moon Poem by Preetam Shetty

The First Moon

Rating: 5.0

Amidst the shadow of night,
It came like a boon,
Two pairs of excited eyes,
Gazing at their first moon.

In the start there was a shy,
And a pinch of unknown fear,
Both hearts were pounding,
The moment seemed queer.

Soon came the touch,
Accompanied by cold shiver,
Silence in the environ echoed,
Chuckle of a flowing river.

Eyes were still shut,
As a lip tasted the lip,
The bodies soon curled,
Each others grip.

Desires were unbearable,
Ecstasy was getting higher,
Boundaries got diminished,
So did the earthly attire.

The aroma of dripping sweat,
Aroused the scent of air,
Moans sounded soothing music,
Experience was rare.

Landscapes were explored,
Mysteries continued to reveal,
Emotion kept flooding,
Impossible to conceal.

Gradually the earths slumbered,
Inner souls began to unite,
Smilingly the moon slithered,
The dawn embraced the night.


Loved the romantic flow of the write. The mood was truly captured, and felt. Very enjoyable read.

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Kolawole Ajao 07 June 2010

Nice poem. Kindly sing it out as a song or get a singer to do that, please. Thanks.

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Kudakwashe Roak Mutama 07 June 2010

it really appeals to our sense of imagination and visuals are painted in our minds all the way........... well expressed and well set ideas! ! ! ! ! ! ! a 10 with no doubt....

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Kudakwashe Roak Mutama 07 June 2010

images are painted in our minds all the way to the end of the poem......... i liked how you made it difficult for the reader to deduce that it's not just about 'the first moon' but about what happens at the time of the first moon.... well expressed! ! ! ! ! keep it up! ! ! ! ! !

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Gregory Pierre-jerome 07 June 2010

this is nice and unique and very cool in images

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Bhavik Bamania 07 February 2011

Really a heart touching poem..

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$hreya Roy 14 June 2010

The beauty of sensuality has been very well crafted in the poem. Simple words, but wonderful expressions.10 on 10 to 'The First Moon'...

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Dylon Cain 13 June 2010

Very interesting poem.

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Amrit Rathi 08 June 2010

10+ by far this poem is your best.Everything is corresponding with beauty and emotions and sensations. You have really built up a lovely episode...Thanks for inviting.

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Queeny Gona 07 June 2010

You have well expressed the feelings through personification! Voted 10+

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