Blessed Day Poem by Preetam Shetty

Blessed Day

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Blessed was the day
Holy was the sunrise
A pure, innocent face
In my heart I reprise

When the little hands
Cuffed my smallest finger
Oh I can’t really express
My happiness, my wonder

My ears heard your voice
The rhymes of shower
My hands touched your skin
Smoother than any flower

When I saw your lovely eyes
Gleaming at their father
I knew I was the curator
For the best gift from your mother

I promised I will care
I shall love you day and night
I knew with you in my life
Everything will be alright


Absolutley Beautiful! Father and his child. Well done. loved it.

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Anonymous Butterfly 24 May 2010

I like the second stanza: When the little hands Cuffed my smallest finger Oh I can't really express My happiness, my wonder That was amazingly stunning. Such beautiful words written for your own child to express your feelings. The greatest joy of becoming a parent. I don't know how it feels, but when my 'chick-pea' (that's how I call her) niece was born I felt as if she were half mine. But she's growing up really fast, now she turned seven. Enjoy every moment with them. Have a nice day. B.B.

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Amrit Rathi 24 May 2010

It's very loving piece of poetry with resonance of fatherly love for the innocent child! You know how to say with intensity! Thanks.

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Kudakwashe Roak Mutama 07 June 2010

you really know how to write romantic poems and trust me you poems are very good that dudes out there can actually use them....... this is brilliant! ! ! !

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Nontobeko Dlamini 04 June 2010

Such a wonderful piece, words woven like a weaver making a basket, making sure that each and every grass used falls in place to ensure its beauty.You sure know how to express your feelings; that of the first taste of fatherhood.Congrats!

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Hans Vr 26 May 2010

Preetm, you are a great poet. You seem to effortlessly put great thoughts into really poetic language. Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments in such a wonderful way.

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Beautiful imagery, beautful rhythm, simply beautiful alot of effort in this and it paid off, thanks for sharing :) ten

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Andy Brown 24 May 2010

Beautiful rhythm and expressions displaying the emotions of a first time parent. Thanks for sharing. A.B.

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