Preetam Shetty Poems

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Race With Time

I see the glow of a candle fade,
So tender and sublime,
I know the quest has begun,
My race with time.

Hello Mr. Terrorist

Hello Mr. Terrorist, how are you,
You don’t know me, to you I am new.
I am a child eight years old, living in dismay,
Right from the day, you took my daddy away.

The First Moon

Amidst the shadow of night,
It came like a boon,
Two pairs of excited eyes,
Gazing at their first moon.

Blessed Day

Blessed was the day
Holy was the sunrise
A pure, innocent face
In my heart I reprise

Last Words

I am going my son
Life I shall no more run
I am too tired now
My days here are done

Tomorrow Will Never Come

I am thinking about the day
My heart shall be numb
I will want to do a lot
But tomorrow will never come

A Story

This is a story of a boy
A small little chap
Born in a village
On India’s map

Sorry Maa...

The day when you were waiting
For the moment to see me crown
That was the first day when I hurt you
The day when I was born


Want to know who I am? ?

I am the music of Air
I am the flame of fire

The Sky

I looked at myself, I looked at my pain
Thought if my life has gone all in vain
And while I was thinking and wondering why
With tears I looked at the deep blue sky

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