The Man With Numerous Names Poem by Thomas Plotz

The Man With Numerous Names

I saw a man the other day that goes by many names
Dressing in disguise, to fool his foes
As that goes, it’s confuses me immensely,
The ultimate game of hide and seek

He’s not just a friend, not by far
But part of my eternal family

As he’s about in the world
And you meet him on the street
He will stay in character, amidst the crowd and masses
Without giving you a treat, of whom and
Who he truly is,

I wonder if he chuckles, to himself
When he fools another love one?

With the countless persona’s shown
It’s hard to tell, the one he owns,
Even then, do you remember?
Who you truly are?

I know why you do this
Because you’re the younger version of the
Other actor
The one who was there before
But, YOU are more
YOU are more!
From the memory’s we shared, to the life we had,
The other, just looked from a far, because that was,
Enough for him

You my love, you are more, let’s drop the wall
To haul away, the barricade standing between us
I guess I need to shout out your real name
Maybe then the walls will fall
When I exclaim, whom I truthfully love

Though your enemies, may know you, then too
So, my love, the next time I see you I’ll just whisper, your
Birth name in your ear,
To watch your tears,

Then, you will know my
Blindness has been broken,
From that evil spell
My love,

Because I have seen your love rays
Shining through the

My Love
My Sun
My Baby

T. Plotz

The Man With Numerous Names


Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hiding,love and life
Kelly Kurt 28 October 2015

A poignant poem of modern society. Thanks, Thomas

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Gajanan Mishra 20 October 2015

names - eternal, truthful and lovely..

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