The Man You Dream Of Poem by David Welch

The Man You Dream Of

I heard you talk with your girlfriends
over mai tais the other day,
I heard clearly from the kitchen
the sorts of things you had to say.

You said good things about me, yes,
but then you started to complain,
and talked about all of the things
that you say you're going to ‘change.'

You don't like that I own some guns,
or that I sometimes watch NASCAR,
that I will not vote for lefties,
and prefer trucks to tiny cars.

You don't like that I think Broadway
is a torture to be endured,
and you think that your influence
will somehow make me ‘more cultured.'

As if the things that I enjoy
somehow will leave you demeaned?
You even said that, "He's so close
to being the man of my dreams! "

And when I brought it up later
you didn't seem to understand,
said, "But babe, why wouldn't you want
to grow into a better man? "

You got mad when I pointed out
the truth of the words you had said,
that it meant you didn't really love
the man that you lay with in bed.

You love a hypothetical,
and not the person that you have,
that I'm somehow not good enough,
and that your presence is a salve.

Now imagine the reaction if
I went and said those word to you?
You'd be furious, up in arms,
the whole internet would be too.

To think that a man could somehow
demand a woman become more,
we'd have psychotic feminazis
come and explode right thought our doors!

Yet when women want to ‘change a man'
we just nod our heads and smile?
You such double-standards just
leave most men feeling defiled.

I don't love you for what you will be,
No, I love you for what you are.
I don't pretend I can ‘fix you, '
treat the imperfections and scars.

So I will be what I must be,
and I will like what makes me glad,
even if that involves some things
that you don't get, or think are bad.

The vision you have in your head
is a dream and will remain so,
such ‘perfection' is fantasy,
and that should not come as a blow.

I'm a partner, no a project,
so please accept this if you can,
I can't be the man you dream of,
only the best of what I am.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: change,how i feel,love,men,relationship,rhyme,understanding,women
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