The Messiah Of Germany 1 Poem by Timothy Long

The Messiah Of Germany 1

From perishing abuse to a war here, the west full of lies, the east full of communism, evil in art and suicide is the passion, can a elite society survive an untest war, started from hate and deceit to judgement and justice, misfortunes of Germany circle of 2 world wars, a scape goat of Europe, betrayed by his own generals, prayed to by the young, achieving success where others hadn't found, one the most successful and powerful men in history, thralls are set and betrayed by the undone, assassination attempts and leaders end galore, peace, is it capable of love from the millow of Germany, traitors only wanted the best for Germany, happiness is the socialist act, everything is tribune and discreet in the 20 years of leadership as a god, but is it anymore of manship, lies is the simple truth, the war in death was defeat.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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