The Microbe Poem by Hilaire Belloc

The Microbe

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The Microbe is so very small
You cannot make him out at all,
But many sanguine people hope
To see him through a microscope.
His jointed tongue that lies beneath
A hundred curious rows of teeth;
His seven tufted tails with lots
Of lovely pink and purple spots,
On each of which a pattern stands,
Composed of forty separate bands;
His eyebrows of a tender green;
All these have never yet been seen--
But Scientists, who ought to know,
Assure us that they must be so....
Oh! let us never, never doubt
What nobody is sure about!

Unwritten Soul 12 July 2012

Feel so cool to have this poem today, being working with microbes for long but never thought to write about this....but now at least there is something overlapping between my interest in poem hunter, science and poetry..united as one it! _Unwritten Soul

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Joseph Poewhit 11 July 2013

Very tiny bugs - UGH

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Aditya Kharat 10 November 2017

Good poem

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Bruh y o 25 September 2019


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* Sunprincess * 11 July 2014

...............very very interesting.....and a great theme....

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Microbe a good poem and recited well. Its beauty lies in the subject and theme it gives. Science being the investigating task of the universe and living beings the importance of science and such facts are useful in poetry also to know about it to ordinary readers and surely the medium of poetry is highly useful it seems. This poem on microbe a beautiful and marvelous one.

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Daniel Y. 11 July 2014

Love it. Playful and still technical. A lot of love in this poem.

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Colleen Courtney 11 July 2014

What a fun and interesting poem! So wonderfully vividly descriptive.

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