The Most Precious Moments Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

The Most Precious Moments

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You're the tranquility in life that diffuses all my fatigues, you gave light to my ghost.

You are my angel, my outright kingdom, how joyful I am to be your lover; faithful sensation comes straight from the heart and is untainted by fences.

I love your eyes when the liking-light lies lit with a blazing fire; I regard your hairbreadth when the strands enmesh.

If I had the words to characterize my emotions for you,
I would be the happiest gentleman in the universe.

I endear you because you adore me too, just like the way I do; I'll be the luckiest among all chums.

Tongue can't grant the words to depict how much I fervor you into my life like a star and filled my heart and eagerness.

You kissed my pain as if it was yours, and afforded me love that no one could; you handed me a shoulder to carry on your attachment.

You made my earth worthwhile, stunning and beautiful, not like a flower or a tree, filling me with such joy, and your gorgeousness shines my bad days.

I'm your world is where you belong, you are the sole reason for our fondness; you turned up into my life like a prettiness' perfectly embodied in heart deadless.

When you are not around, I fumble like I'm in the dumps, because you are the true gem of my life, you fill my soul with welfare and glee.

I am so bloody happy that God brought you lady, your ardor-filled verses to keep the life sweetness lingering on the new page.

Keep smiling and have an astounded day like I sip my cup of coffee.

Nights without you would be painful, because you are the gleam of sunshine that charming my smile.

Tendering arms draw your nearness I sigh in wonder and stare in awe; your beauty ignites me, You are my destiny.

Sunday,17th of July 2022. I'm sharing thoughtful love poem for my partner. So and let her know what she means to me. This true gesture will surely leave her grinning from ear to ear. Her love has made every moment of my existence worthwhile.
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