The Nobility Of Hausa Tribe Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

The Nobility Of Hausa Tribe

You are numbering more than 20 million Like star glittering on the largest ethnic group in West Africa green grass landed widely distributed geographically line has intermingled with greater different skins, Islam was born in the area of your righteousness around the fourteenth century, the fifteenth century, a number of independents you get competed with each other for control of trade across the Sahara Desert, slaves, and natural resources.

Your gorgeous traditions were preserved until late in the twentieth century, you are also found living in Sudan you have the most widely spoken language in West Africa; your ancestor migrated from Baghdad in the ninth or tenth century AD, most you are devoted Muslims who believe in Allah and in Muhammad as his prophet, you tend to be quiet and reserved, when you interact with outsiders, you generally do not show emotion, there are also some customs that govern interaction with your relatives.

Music and art play are important in everyday life, from a young age, your children participate in dances, which are hold in meeting places such as the market, work songs often accompany activities in the rural areas and in the markets, praise-singers sing about community histories, leaders, and other prominent individuals, storytelling, local dramas, and musical performances are also common forms of traditional entertainment, your strong division of labor according to age and sex, the main activity in the towns is trade; in rural areas, it is agriculture, some of your men have more than one occupation, in the towns and cities, you may have formal jobs, such as teaching or government work, and engage in trade on the side, in rural areas, you engage in trade or crafts. Some of you have full-time traders with shops or market stalls, some of you have full-time with Islamic schools.

Musicians perform at weddings, naming ceremonies, and parties, as well as during Islamic holidays, today, Western forms of entertainment are popular, you listen to Western music, including rap and reggae, and view American and British television programs, you have a lot of stereos, televisions, and VCRs in your homes, you are well known for your craftsmanship, there are leather tanners and leather-workers, weavers, carvers and sculptors, ironworkers and blacksmiths, silver workers, potters, dyers, tailors, and embroiderers, your wares are sold in markets throughout West Africa and Sudan.

Relatives cooperate in activities such as farming and trade in rural areas, and business activities in urban areas, relatives hope to live near each other to socialize and support each other, families arrange marriages for your young people, marriages between relatives, such as cousins, are preferred, under Islamic law, a man may marry up to four wives, from about the age of six, your children attend
Quranic schools where teaching is based on the Islamic holy scripture, the Koran, our children learn to recite the scriptures and learn about the practices, teachings, and morals of Islam, by the time they reach adulthood, many achieve high levels of Islamic scholarship.

A poem is Written on Saturday,13th of August 2022. My poem about Hausa tribe is well known in West Africa and Sudan. It is one of the biggest communities and have some really unique traditions and cultural practices. all the Hausa people share similar beliefs and customs.
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