The New World Order Poem by Denis Martindale

The New World Order

Behold the world, this Earth, our home,
This marble and its moon
And how they've got all space to roam
Yet dance a preset tune...
Are we the same? Like puppets here?
Manipulated minds?
Who bears the blame for Mankind's fear
Which daily twists and binds?

Behold the times in which we live,
The super-rich and poor,
The Christian saints who seek to give
While populations soar...
Consider countries one-by-one,
Resources dwindling fast
And nothing new under the sun
That's truly meant to last...

Behold the future times ahead,
The days and nights unknown,
The feeling that each nation's led
Into some Twilight Zone...
Like slaves not given chance to think,
Just puppets on a string,
Left in the quicksand, there to sink,
No rescue rope to cling...

Behold the common man that's left,
Now bankrupt and forlorn
And watch his countenance bereft,
When confidence is torn...
And count the riches, if you dare,
You'll see they've disappeared
And in the time that you've all stared,
More treasures have been cleared...

Behold the news, both good and bad,
It's worse, much worse, my friend,
For Man has lost the joy he had
And senses it's the end...
While banks hold sway, the world will grieve
For prices rise and rise
And with high prices freedoms leave,
So please don't feign surprise...

Behold the callous crimes remain,
The New World Order rules
With no point strolling Memory Lane,
That folly's just for fools...
If not for love, the world is lost,
No pardon on its way
And Antichrist will pay the cost,
Beholding Judgment Day...

Denis Martindale, copyright, December 2011.

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