The Newcomer Poem by Brian Patten

The Newcomer

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'There's something new in the river,'
The fish said as it swam.
'It's got no scales, no fins and no gills,
And ignores the impassable dam.'

'There's something new in the trees.'
I heard a bloated thrush sing.
'It's got no beak, no claws, and no feathers,
And not even the ghost of a wing.'

'There's something new in the warren,'
Said the rabbit to the doe.
'It's got no fur, no eyes and no paws,
Yet digs further than we dare go.'

'There's something new in the whiteness,'
Said the snow-bright polar bear.
'I saw its shadow on a glacier,
But it left no pawmarks there.'

Through the animal kingdom
The news was spreading fast.
No beak, no claws, no feather,
No scales, no fur, no gills,
It lives in the trees and the water,
In the soil and the snow and the hills,
And it kills and it kills and it kills.

ben kotti 15 July 2018

what is the animal refered to in the poem New comer?

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its me ESHA 18 March 2019

the human beings

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Xxxxxx 10 December 2021

It is not a human because in the third stanza there is written that it has no eyes but humans have eyes

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Poop 28 May 2022

The animal isnt actually an animal, its the pollution spreading through the animal kingdom being thought of as an "animal"

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Kanni 11 January 2022

Ghu khale newcer saale

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Kanni 11 January 2022

Tatti saale ghu khale madarchot bhenchot ssaala

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Rudra parekh 20 December 2021

What is the meaning of word and it kills in poem

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Amna arshad 01 December 2021

A good poem

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Farah Deeba 20 October 2020

is it the pollution being spoken of?

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Yes 28 May 2022


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