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Born near Liverpool's docks, he attended Sefton Park School in the Smithdown Road area of Liverpool, where he was noted for his essays and greatly encouraged in his work by Harry Sutcliffe his form teacher. He left school at fifteen and began work for The Bootle Times writing a column on popular music. One of his first articles was on Roger McGough ...

Brian Patten Poems

And Nothing Is Ever As You Want It To Be

You lose your love for her and then
It is her who is lost,
And then it is both who are lost,
And nothing is ever as perfect as you want it to be.

Simple Lyric

When I think of her sparkling face
And of her body that rocked this way and that,
When I think of her laughter,
Her jubilance that filled me,

When You Wake Tomorrow

I will give you a poem when you wake tomorrow.
It will be a peaceful poem.
It won’t make you sad.
It won’t make you miserable.

You Come To Me Quiet As Rain Not Yet Fallen

You come to me quiet as rain not yet fallen
Afraid of how you might fail yourself your
dress seven summers old is kept open
in memory of sex, smells warm, of boys,

Gust Becos I Cud Not Spel

Gust becos I cud not spel
It did not mean I was daft
When the boys in school red my riting
Some of them laffed

Brian Patten Quotes

11 November 2014

When in public poetry should take off its clothes and wave to the nearest person in sight; it should be seen in the company of thieves and lovers rather than that of journalists and publishers.

Brian Patten Comments

Vladimir Stojnic 11 April 2008

I read poems by Brian Patten in serbian. They were brilliantly translated into serbian by writer David Albahari. My favorite poem is No taxi available. Can anybody post that poem here or give me a link to it. I would love to have that poem as original in english.

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Anna Russell 09 September 2006

There should be a law that states every human being should have to read at least one Brian Patten poem in their lifetime. Each piece is a gem all of its own. His writing is direct, funny, sad, beautiful and heartwarming, sometimes all at the same time. Never pretentious, always readable - to me, this is poetry at its best. Hugs Anna xxx

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Shatha Alsaadi 29 March 2012

Dear Brian, How very nice to write to you and I remember that I was intyroduced to your poems when I was in Cambridge and I bought the little book which has great poems. I feel when read your poems, I feel the depth of feeling that I cannot fathom. I read YOU POEM Room which says: Room you're toneless now, Room you do'nt belong to me I want another room I want one without your tattymemories. Loads of Great wishes Shatha Alsaadi

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Eric Toft 17 March 2012

I believe we all have shared an emotion that Sir Patten has told. If we just admit it!

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Paul Sebastian 17 March 2014

Dear Brian, Your poem, Nothing is Ever As You Want it to Be, is brilliant! Thanks. Paul Sebastan

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saeed khan 05 June 2021

i need new commer.

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Susan Jane von Achten 30 October 2020

His poetry touches me deep inside. As I read the words I find myself hanging on to them; wanting to savour every word. I am so happy there is a Brian Patten; without him life would not be as rich, colourful, rounded, deep or moving. Thank you.

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Carol jeter 01 August 2020

I love the poems quoted in the movie, Possession, with Jeremy Northam and Gwyneth Paltrow. are they in a book of Poetry?

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Brijesh Shrivastava 15 April 2020

Chutiyagiri kyu karne ka

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Yeetyeet 05 March 2020

Love it ehguhguohgouthboih5tohbtoihbgotrh

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