Gust Becos I Cud Not Spel Poem by Brian Patten

Gust Becos I Cud Not Spel

Rating: 4.6

Gust becos I cud not spel
It did not mean I was daft
When the boys in school red my riting
Some of them laffed

But now I am the dictater
They have to rite like me
Utherwise they cannot pas

Some of the girls were ok
But those who laffed a lot
Have al bean rownded up
And hav recintly bean shot

The teecher who corrected my speling
As not been shot at al
But four the last fifteen howers
As bean standing up against a wal

He has to stand ther until he can spel
Figgymisgrugifooniyn the rite way
I think he will stand ther for ever
I just inventid it today

Sallie Howson 02 December 2004

isn't this poem wonderful?

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James Eaton 18 December 2018

I love but l'm miffed as it is longer than 300 characters, while my own comment on the poem is being disallowed and they keep asking me to offer up 10 to 300 characters. So l cant submit

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Chuck Audette 13 September 2006

Is this poem about G. Bush? I've seen the note he wrote to C. Rice, and he does like torture.... Hmmm... -chuck

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Anonymous 03 June 2019

brilliant as usual recommended by Which best buy.

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ariaaaaa 07 December 2018

Great poem; I'm annotating it for English class. Dos anyone know when it was written? ? 0_0

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Katie 01 May 2018

I really like this poem because I have dyslexia and I am a kid and it cind of describes me

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kiki liu 17 December 2017

it is good that i like it

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Kim Barney 02 February 2015

This is the funniest thing I've seen for quite some time. I have voted it a ten.

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