The Other Side Of The Mirror Poem by Katherine Perry

The Other Side Of The Mirror

Rating: 4.8

Take my hand
Let me show you the way
To the other side of the mirror
For i see your face, so delicate
with grace
Stop crying those tears of fears

For the mirror only reveals a shallow
And nothing at all of what's inside
It hides everything of what's true
It's just an empty message from an image
you have the power to defy

For there is great distance between you
and the other side of the mirror
The things a mirror cannot capture
Like what you love to dream about and do
And the things that brings you laughter
The night you fell in-love, and the way
you felt the morning after
Everything that makes you, you

A mirror should only be a reminder that
the flesh be nothing more than a shell
protecting the rest
Like an umbrella that keeps you from getting
Or your shoes that protect your feet from
where you step

Our flesh protects a very precious gift
from heaven
Everyone is given one
A gift from a God who forgives us seventy
times seven

So the next time you look in a mirror, see the
gift inside you
That unique one of a kind gift that's meant to
last forever
A gift no man can duplicate
A gift that nothing and no man can destroy

It is our soal
Our whole being
Our whole meaning
It is our soul

No matter what's implied
Just remember...
Just like a book that has lost it's cover
The story is still there to be read, to enjoy
To be remembered
To last forever and ever
Even after the earth has died!

Sunday, November 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Roseann Shawiak 03 November 2014

Totally awesome poem, Katherine! So sad yet with hope. The next time I look in a mirror I will remember your words in this wonderful and heartfelt poem. So rich in imagery, rhythm and love. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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