The Pizza Store Where Nichloas Works - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Kareem owns a pizza store At the unknown street, Andrew is a co-owner in the same store, Nicholas is a pretty friend To Kareem and Andrew, Roby, who used to work as an ex-pizza delivery driver, works only Inside these days, That pretty pizza store opens at 11: 00 o'clock And it closes at almost at 11: 00 except in the weekends, Kareem, the owner, hires all kinds of drivers Just to make the store runs flexibly, He allows Nichols to work as many hours as he can Simply because Nicholas knows the area very well and All customers love him, Customers like to tip Nicholas all the time, but Some only have the cost of any order, so That makes him upset sometimes, A pizza-deliveryman is a good job, but A few who can handle it well, It's a little bit dangerous because Some drivers might be robbed at gunpoint or at knife point anytime, Nicholas, as a trained pizza-delivery man, is always ready To face any unexpected expectations anytime, I know him very well as a courageous man anytime, but He gets scared especially at nighttime, Sometimes he used to ask me to ride with him, so he Can feel secured and well, Pizza is great and delicious to all customers at anytime, but To Nicolas, especially when alone, is horrible to deliver pizza To dark and wooded areas, Nicholas is strong, but It's difficult for him to fight with ruthless and strong robbers Simply because no one will feel him when in the wooded areas, The whole day might be calm, but Some day might be something bad happens accidentally and by a bad luck, The robbers or the would-be robbers want only the money or the pizza Itself, It happened a few times that he was robbed while delivering pizza to Stores or to houses, but not all the time he could manage, Nicholas loved his job as a delivery-pizza driver, but He hated the incidents when he used to face critical moments like Robbery or when his car used to shut down anytime, so Although in his seventies, but Nicholas managed to be a super delivery-pizza driver in that pizza store only.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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