The Poisoned Cat Poem by Paula Glynn

The Poisoned Cat

Caroline was a kind elderly woman
Who had a soft heart
And a great affection for cats
She would daily feed
Them irresistible Dreamies
Every night and every day

So popular were these cat treats
Cats would venture out
From their cosy homes
Through snow and rain
Across parks and fields
From the weather no shield

To sit inside Caroline's cosy kitchen
Lapping up delicious cream and milk
In clean cat feeding bowls
Enjoying the taste of Dreamies
Enjoying the company of Caroline
Enjoying being content and pampered cats

But what Caroline did not notice
Was the nasty next door neighbour
Looking through her stained net curtains
Feeling jealousy of Caroline's happiness
How she could dare live happily
Shown by Caroline's love of cats

The next day a cat found poisoned
From inside Caroline's once happy home
Her beautiful cats dead
Their empty feeding bowls
Now smelling of cat poison
A villain breaking Caroline's heart

But Caroline would find the cat killer
Caroline would save future cats
Her neighbourhood supporting her
Never ending months going by
And Caroline did still break down and cry
But she cleverly discovered the cat killer

Setting up a devious trap
Caroline caught the bitter old woman
Poisoning a deliberately placed feeding bowl
A feeding bowl no cat to eat or drink from
And the police came for Bitter Billie
Having her held down by police in her rage

With the cat killer behind bars
Caroline returned to entertaining cats
No cat ever poisoned again
Cats loving Caring Caroline
And coming from far and wide
To treasure a nice human on their side.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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