Francis Duggan

The Political Power Game - Poem by Francis Duggan

The little power we have to others we give away
They rule our lives for us we go by what they say
The media they control and only lies from them we hear
They warn of terrorists and terrorism and fill our hearts with fear

Of people we do not know or may never even meet
They even have us looking out for terrorists as we walk down the street
Each stranger that we meet we look on with mistrust
Though they may be kind of heart and they may be good and just.

They are our enemy yet we see them as a friend
For their Political survival on our fears they do depend
And those we see as our enemy their leaders are the same
They instill in them a fear of us they too play the Political power game.

We are ruled by self centred men and us they do deceive
When they tell us who to fear them we want to believe
They create us and they and to conquer they divide
And tell us with a smirk we have God on our side.

To lie to cling to power to them is not a sin
Some call it propaganda and others call it spin
And when our so called enemy civilians die in a bombing raid collateral damage is what they say
Is it right that loss of Human life be dismissed in such a way?

The little power we have to ourselves we never keep
To the power hungry we give it away we value it as cheap
They lubricate our fears to insure they cling to power
In a garden full of noxious weeds you may not find a flower.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 17, 2008

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