The Present Time Poem by Mashiur Rahman

The Present Time

The present time is the time of globalization. This is the time to think of yourself as a citizen of the world. The present world is in the palm of my hand as well as my thinking consciousness is open.

At this time if I confine my thinking to a certain caste or class or community, it will be inferiority or ignorance for me and I will not be a citizen of the world. Rather I have to be generous. I have to practice humanity, I have to love him as a man, I have to respect him, I have to wish him well. I have to be a citizen of the world based on humanity.

The more humane a person is, the more knowledgeable or honest or pious he is. I have to have human qualities. For this, I have to rise above religion, caste, race and love all people, only then can I be endowed with human qualities. That is why I am a citizen of the world.

The human qualities I have are just stuck for a particular caste or community? Then I am the bearer of backward thinking consciousness! I have to get out of this, I have to practice human qualities for all the people in the world. This is the practice of proper humanity. Let the world be humane.

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Mashiur Rahman

Mashiur Rahman

Naogaon, Bangladesh
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