The Proverbial Small Town Poem by Evelyn Judy Buehler

The Proverbial Small Town

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After winning a sweepstakes, I determined to go on a lengthy trip;
And I wanted to tour the mainland, after I had disembarked the ship.

The countryside was quite beautiful, and had myriad charming towns,
Some with the most vibrant nightlife, after reddened sun went down!

I was having such a glorious time, feeling myself the luckiest lady,
Dancing in the halls of June, long after the hour had grown shady.

I would sightsee in one quaint town, before moving on to the next,
For the best thing about vacation, is that life isn't too complex.

I sampled delicious local cuisines, and met many intriguing people,
And like surprising sunset rainbows, the experiences had no equal!

I was so gay carefree and young, in the way that one is only once,
Without a single thought for tomorrow, so common with the wild ones!

I wandered through the hills, and I saw the snow capped mountains.
I visited the blooming parks, and strolled by beautiful fountains.

I'd enjoyed myself so far immensely, but my time was winding down,
Like the sunset bleeding upon the skies, in the colors of a clown!

And days before my departure, as I toured the lovely town of Adagio,
Stones rolled down the hills, gathering no moss wherever they'd go.

Before I had time to ponder, I saw a man plucking money from a tree,
'Well it is what I planted years ago, ' he said as he shrugged at me!

Stunned as I was I could not reply, for how could money be reaped,
As it was an impossible crop, like sadness where robin has cheeped.

Adagio seemed to be a strange town, like the dark side of the moon;
And I tried to believe my eyes, on my most extraordinary afternoon!

But I decided to put the best face on, like nature after the storm;
And keep walking towards sunshine, forgetful of all the past harm.

Like the starry-eyed optimist, who picks bunches of forget-me-nots;
And at the end of the stormy weather, is filling sunroom flowerpots.

Then to my amazement I saw a leopard, and rushed inside a bookstore;
After noticing his spots had not changed, and likely would nevermore!

As the stars cling steadfastly, to their positions in midnight sky,
As they have done from the beginning, and shall do so until we die.

I had begun to realize, that I'd stumbled upon the land of proverbs,
The wise sayings from our long ago, for eager modern day scholars!

When I was certain the leopard had gone, I ventured out once again,
As I had been watching from my safe domain, behind the windowpane!

The mellow sunshine soon cheered me, and it put a spring in my step,
Until I noticed a dead cat under a tree, which had made some misstep.

And its owner stood closeby, sadly bemoaning her pet's curiosity;
But the cat woke and meowed, for its nine lives weren't over you see.

The owner laughed from sheer joy, as I wended my way much relieved,
Sure that what my eyes had seen, my mind could not have conceived.

Like the rallying of fresh green roses, after the tropical hurricane,
Causing marvel that in such wildness, delicate beauty still remains!

While walking about the beautiful town, as I looked to azure skies,
I saw every cloud was lined in silver, to my considerable surprise!

And at a charming town hall, they had a celebration for all the dogs,
I guess every dog had his day, like a rainy day for all of the frogs.

Finally shadows began to grow longer, and a colored sun began to set,
And turned golden once again, as it's not over 'til it's over I'll bet!

I lost my heart to this enchanted town, but it isn't found on any map,
As I discovered after returning home, for it'd disappeared in a snap.

It has been so many years since, but I'll forever remember that town,
And the amazing things I saw that day, from pink sunrise until sundown.

This universe is multidimensional, encompassing the oddest mysteries,
Including strange corners of reality, with very different histories!

The Proverbial Small Town
Friday, January 8, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy,travel,people,animals,magic,imagery
Photograph courtesy of Inspired Images from Pixabay
Varsha M 08 January 2021

You really make the world of imagination resplendid....i lived all those creative imagination that served as a prologue of well described the vity never to be discovered oh

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 08 January 2021

Your warm remarks are so much appreciated. I am so very happy to have provided a tale you so enjoyed.

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