The Rant For Acceptance Poem by Xavier Mandreza

The Rant For Acceptance

I am tempted to rebut that we LGBTQ's are WHO WE ARE AND NOT BY CHOICE OR PREFERENCE.

We are born this way and will die this way. That is a FACT. Period.

But that is Missing the Point on what Kyabje is trying to say: IT IS NO ONE'S BUSINESS HOW ONE OR WHOM HE OR SHE SHOULD LOVE AND SPEND HIS OR HER LIFE WITH. EVER.

Must we expect or demand that Kyabje become another Poster Child for LGBTQ rights just because a Number of Hollywood and Bollywood or World Leaders support and campaign for it......?

Most of us including myself previously have interpreted this as Kyabje not supporting our Cause and is a VERY BIG MISUNDERSTANDING.

Why must one Support something that has never should have been a Problem or Something that has been NATURAL in the first place?

The One Issue here has always been this: CONTEXT.

The Sodomy Laws of Old, Section 377 and Religious Scriptures have always victimised us, yes that is True but was done always in context in the Political and Social Situations at the time.

Major LGBTQ organisations like GLAAD, It Gets Better and other similar bodies are working - not campaigning - TO SPREAD AWARENESS FOR ACCEPTANCE AND END DISCRIMINATION OF LGBTQ's. EVERYWHERE.

That's all there is to it.

Celebrities, Politicians and other Influential People support us because they found Awareness in ending Discrimination like every other Minority that has been Discriminated since Ages Past and we Thank them for that.

But that alone will not Solve the Issue.

RAISING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS will; and that is Something Kyabje has always tried again and again to drive it into us for those who are willing to LISTEN.

The reason why Kyabje states that it is not necessary to promote Homosexuality is NOT because it is not Important but it has never been an Issue at all.

They do what is NEEDED; if people will at least leave them at Peace and not deny them their Basic Human Needs only because of their Sexual Nature then GLAAD and It Gets Better wouldn't have needed to be formed at all. But here we are.

Grace be with you.

Xavier Mandreza

Xavier Mandreza

Makati City, Philippines
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