Oscar Sarceno

Rookie (March 16,1994 / Joplin, MO)

The Real World - Poem by Oscar Sarceno

...Sometimes i find myself wondering 
what life would be like

 if it were more like a movie or a comic book,

filled with adventures, heroes, and villians.

If it were, just maybe finding one's true love
would be much easier.

You could save her/him from the hands of evil,
or from a fire breathing dragon!

Risking your life for that one special person
who you just can't live without.

No matter the obsticles, at the end the hero
triumphs over evil and rescues his true love.

And they live happilily ever after.                                                                   

                                                                                       -The End

...But in reality,  love is a little more complicated.

 My biggest enemy isn't a serial killer,
or a evil genius trying to take over the world.

 Believe it or not... my biggest enemy is myself!

I'm too afraid to make the first move,
afraid that i may not have a chance with her.

I have doubts because she seems like an angel,
beautiful from the inside-out.

And i don't feel worthy enough,  with all of my
mistakes and flaws to have you by my side.

I find myself saying 'she deserves someone much better than me.'

Someone who is far more perfect then me!
Yet, deep down i wonder
if i could really be that lucky guy.

These feelings are killing me from the inside,

I know that I need to be brave and defeat
my inner self.

but the funny thing is, it's not easy!

In movies they find their true love in less then 2 hours.

Happily-ever-after usually occurs in the last few pages of a comic book,

or they might be mean and make you wait
a whole month to see the ending
 in the next month's issue!

Sadly, this isn't a movie nor a comic book,

 this right here is.... the real world.

 and it may take a whole lifetime to find one's true love! !


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