The Right Line

I swear I'm not as shallow as I seem,
It's just that I've lost sight of everything but my dream.
I wish you were here and I didnt f**k up all the time,
But since I miss you I just want to give you a sign.

My boyfriend loves me but I'm still alone,
And it's still you I call up on the phone
To chat about almost love and a bit about life
And all the words unsaid about how I'd love to be your wife.

Anyway, it's getting late and I know I shouldnt call-
But it's your voice I need to hear when I take my eye off the ball
And everything falls apart like it's prone to do-
Slots back into place though, when I talk to you.

I wish I didnt need you in this stupid childish way,
That it wasnt your lips that I miss every day
But this is life and how it works most of the time
And even though I want you most, I cant find the right line...

To tell you that the boys I kiss are all just versions of you

And all my days are spent dreaming of everything we'd do

If ever we got that chance again that I carelessly threw away

I swear I wouldnt let you leave, not even for a day.