The River Is Looking For You Poem by Mohammad Younus

The River Is Looking For You

The river has been looking for you...
...since eternity;
It was looking for you when you were still unborn;
It was connected to you inside the mother's womb...
...through umbilical chord;
It appeared in your mother's breasts to quench...
...your thirst and hunger;
Many a time you run for water in the ten directions... don't know that the ancient river is within you;
Woe unto you! You looked for water outside you;
I recognized you on so many different dry wells...
...looking for water;
What are you doing, my darling?
I have been with you since the Time's beginning...
...when in the remote past, of my spirit I blew into you;
You are still wandering for water far away from me;
I have been calling you by your name in your each search,
Come unto me, I am near to you...
...more near than your jugular vein!
Be confident that even though you have lost your way to me... will finally find a way back to me... have at source enough of the water of life;
Open up the lids on your eyes...
...I manifest myself right beside you;
I am travelling with you, believe me...
...on the road you are treading to look for me;
But you are still looking at others for guidance... if I were not with you;
You cannot see the connection between you and me...
...for you have become blind to see the truth;
The old covenant with me you have forgotten... can you enter into a new covenant with me?
You do not recognise me for your mind is caught up in mirages;
Come on! I am in you! I am by you! I am around you!
All your lifetime, you must get the water of life from me.


The River Is Looking For You
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