Listening To Music That Falls Like Rains Poem by Mohammad Younus

Listening To Music That Falls Like Rains

Rating: 5.0

Listening to music that falls like rains,
Growing love, producing ecstasy,
I'm feeling peace in my soul and heart!
It lifts me up from the lowest of low!
My heart feels quiet and calm!
The flame of love within remains burning!
The light of love on my face shines!
Music enlightens my mind and soul!
When alone in stillness,
I hear unending melodious tunes,
Coming from the hiding musician,
Who wears the mask of music over his face!
Still, I recognise this hidden musician!
By his sweet music, I forget about,
All the trials and tribulations,
That life throws my way!
Even when the ground is shaky,
And strong winds make me sway,
I stand firm through night and day,
To hear the melodious music,
Echoing inside and outside me!
This sweet music gives me victory,
Over the temptations of my nafs,
That remain coming and trying,
My resilience all the way!
I shall hold on and surface victorious,
Over sadness and disappointment,
That come in my life!
Cause I hear the healing music,
Constantly night and day! ! !


Listening To Music That Falls Like Rains
Richard Wlodarski 20 December 2022

Music is the universal language! And what a glorious tribute to the power, and healing, of music! Absolutely beautiful, Poet Younus!

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Kesav Venkat Easwaran 20 December 2022

The musician in you gets revealed. Self ecstasy. Nice

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David Wood 19 December 2022

Well Mohammad, love of music is something we have in common. Music brings people of the world together but can you play an instrument?

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Jayne Louise Davies 19 December 2022

Music is my never ending friend x

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s.zaynab kamoonpury 19 December 2022

A fine poem but music of nature is better than all music. Thumbs up.

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