The River That Is No More Poem by Somanathan Iyer

The River That Is No More

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Decades three and half gone by
The last flood of the river that is no more I recall
Till then the river called NEVA if not perennial
Flowed calmly eight to ten months every year
A source of life for hundreds of acres
Spreading to its length both the sides
Wells in the villages never went dry
With abundant springs originating from the river
In the rainy seasons the furious Neva
Flooded the village lands with minimum damages
Canals on both sides carried the waters
Catered the needs of cultivable lands
Childhood memories still lingers in the mind
In the seasons after the rains
Fun and pleasure were our bathing times
Young and old flocked to the river
To take a bath in crystal clear waters
Alas! The nemesis started from early eighties
Effluents from the nearby sugar factory
Entered the river erasing its entity
Perennial is the flow of waste
That seeped into the deep soils
Spoiling the springs that catered the wells
Leaving the waters unfit for use
With pungent smell piercing the nostrils
Not lagging behind politicians of local fame
Grabbed the lands of catchment areas
Allowed colonies for their cronies
With water sources going dry
Only a narrow stream left in between
To flow the wastes of factories nearby
A deep sigh with heavy heart
Only tribute paid for the dead river!

The river that is mentioned here was so dear to all of us. In the evenings we used play on the nice sands. In the moon light days we used to enjoy the nature with the gentle flow of silver waters. Now that is history. Power and politics ruined the river and vanished its entity. A fond memory is this poem.
Valsa George 04 July 2013

This is not the singular fate of NEVA. Many rivers in several states are in the same or graver plight! THe callousness and greed of the people contaminate the water sources and even lead to their perpetual death! A powerful write expressing the concerns of an environmentalist!

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Ramesh Rai 04 July 2013

rivers r in danger. a new topic on preservation

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 28 June 2013

River getting polluted and river going dry is heart breaking. Forests are getting destroyed which results in drought. Nice poem to bring the situation to attention. Please also read my poem 'Drought Go Away' which reflects some similar thoughts. Thank you.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 27 June 2013

India is one of those poor countries where we don't bother about our natural resources. very sad..

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