The Sandwich. Poem by guy lipmore

The Sandwich.

The humble sarnie,
Is an absolute delight to me?
Two slices of bread,
About to be lead..
Right into my open gob,
Just the job.

However, there is a serious side,
Respect has to be applied.

The skill of sandwich making,
Using any kind of filling.
The usual chips, meats and cheese,
Why not steak pie and peas.
Mushrooms, burger, scampi and chips,
Yes, use any kind of mix.
Why set a limit,
As to what you put in it?
Any thing boiled, poached or grilled,
Oven-baked, micro waved or fried.
Anything that is on your plate,
Anything that is to be ate.
Whether beans, potato, any kind of fishes,
What ever your fancy or wishes.
Nothing should be restricted,
Anything can be included.

One other aspect that is important,
Is presentation, not just the content?
The bottom slice has to be covered totally,
No gaps, yes a full layer completely.
Evenly spread across the surface,
Then with the top slice, you carefully place.
Pressing ever so gently together,
Yes, careful not to bother.
The combination of filling inside,
Then to the mouth, you guide.

Yes, a pure art form,
Some scoff and pour scorn.
Some say it is immoral,
Weird and abnormal.
One should not be mocking,
Instead, you should be learning.
If you require a bit coaching,
Alternatively, an advanced course of training.
Don’t hesitate, give me a call,
The secrets of the sandwich, I will reveal all.

Life will be ever so more rich,
Once you know the art of the sandwich.


Monday, November 9, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: humour
Souren Mondal 09 November 2015

A 'yummy' poem.. Thank you for sharing :)

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Guy Lip-more 10 November 2015

The ironic thing is that I was having a sandwich when I had posted it! ! Thanks for your reply.

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