The Sauerkraut Study

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Hear ye, hear ye what I'm about
to tell you about Sauerkraut.
The latest study has revealed
that Cabbage grown out in the field
is later, through long fermentation
turned into what the German nation
has long considered its proud flag.

Lest you all think that I would brag
it's this fine Kraut that keeps your breasts
in splendid shape, like honoured guests.
Malignancies that venture in
are turned away with a sly grin,
the juices of that special stuff
can stand their ground and huff and puff.

They do protect your DNA
and chase the cancer cells away.
Though epidemiology
is what's observed, what people see
it's not firm proof as black and white
but chances are they might be right.

Though I myself have not been blessed
with lovely nipples or a breast
I eat my Kraut two days a week
and add a stalk of pungent leek
some seeds of caraway on top
then go and tend my cabbage crop.

As God had mentioned years ago
an illness can be such a blow
but if you listen, he will teach
about the remedy for each.
No plant is growing for no reason
that's why we have a growing season,
eat foods that stop you getting ill
and do not trust the doctor's pill
make Sauerkraut one of your staples,
they even eat the stuff in Naples.

This poem is dedicated to Sherrie,
whose corpus callosum is well-
functioning in both directions.

Ernestine Northover 05 November 2005

I have never tried it Herbert, it sounds very sharp to me, but anything that's likely to keep away the dreaded plagues, then I'm all for it. Mind you, I've always thought that God has an answer for everything in his plants. Good poem Herbert, I really enjoyed reading this one. Sincerely Ernestine, by the way my 'dreaded' photo is now on my biography if you have the pluck to look.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 05 November 2005

Thanks guys. But Allan the difference between a sour Kraut and Sauerkraut is that the sour Kraut may have eaten Sauerkraut but Sauerkraut cannot reciprocate. Best H

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Linda Jenkinson 04 November 2005

sorry herbert sauerkraut sucks for my palate

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Allan James Saywell 04 November 2005

dont you spell it sourkraut and doesn't it have like green tea, a little fluoride they say that is what causers the violent explosions the other end they call it the down under end Warm regards AJS

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 04 November 2005

I'm sure Sherrie will get a kick out of it! ! ! !

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