The Snowman Poem by Katherine Graven

The Snowman

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A mild winter was closing
And coming to an end
My four year old son was wanting
To build at least one snowman
He was so wanting
To build this snowman
He asked, mommy if I pray
will God let it snow again
I told him pray my son
That would be God’s decision
But if you have faith and really believe
Then your wish you will receive

So on a bright warm sunny day
He quietly prayed for God to send
Enough snow to make
At least one more snowman

Snow was not in the forecast
And winter was leaving us fast
The days went by without a freeze
And my son said mommy

I still believe

Then early one morning
His daddy woke me up around five
He said your not going to believe this
Guess what’s coming down outside

Without wasting anytime
I jumped up and gazed into the early morning light
Then looked over at my husband and smiled
Knowing exactly what this meant

Snow was falling softly to the ground
Dusting, glistening flakes all around
I knew it was sent only for my little man
To build his Heavenly snowman

In my son’s bedroom I ran
Wake up little man
You have to see
You not only have enough to make one snowman
I bet you can at least make three
God answered your prayer
It is snowing out there

From his sleep he woke with ease
Saying mommy is it really
I looked at him with tears in my eyes
Get up and go look outside.

An Angel with trusting blue eyes he spoke
As he put on his gloves and coat
See mommy I told you God would let it snow again
Now can we go out and build my snowman

After all was said and done
Three snowmen melted in the mild winter sun
For they didn’t stay very long
Just long enough for my son to know
That God does answer his children’s prayers

I will never forget the day my little man prayed and
God answered a my child’s prayer
Sending glistening, ivory snow as soft as Angel hair
And having to come to life
My little man’s

Written by
Katherine Kay Graven
December tenth two thousand six

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: prayer
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