Momma Knows Best Poem by Katherine Graven

Momma Knows Best

Rating: 5.0

dedicated to
Clinton and William

There was a time when my son would do
The things that made him cry
He would run into the house
With scraped knees and arms
And say why mommy why

I would look him in his eyes of blue
Then kiss the boo-boo pain away
For he knew
I was going to tell him
the same thing
I told him yesterday

These words of tough love
Come flowing from my lips
I told you so young man
Now dry it up and go outside
and don’t you do it again

With the tenderness of a mother’s touch
I would wipe his tears away
And later his little brother would run in
with the same injury


I would have to repeat the wise words
My little guy already knew by heart
Still wondering if he would ever get the jest
That his mommy always knows best

Day after day it never failed
My boys always put my words to the test
One or the other would do the things
That would have them limping at best

I would say with a weary smile
Can’t you boys be good for just a little while
But still you never let my worries rest
You know your mom always knows best

They learned to know
when I told them so
To be extra careful in what they do
But still it never failed
I would hear a wail
I wondered who dared who

Now I have a son who is kind-a on his own
And he will call me up and say
You know I have this problem mom
And I need advice from you today

Mom you’re the best…

Then there is my youngest son
He is the one who still wants to do
The silly boy things he is not suppose too
But I know the day will come
When he will call and say
You know I have this problem mom
And I need advice from you today

Mom you’re the best...

Momma Knows Best
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Topic(s) of this poem: mom,son
Katherine Graven 29 January 2007

Hello Doc, Thank you so much... I have to say... I enjoyed writting this poem... and my superb little guys loved it too.. (she saids bubbling up with pride as she curtsies) Katherine

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Katherine Graven 18 January 2007

Jim, Thank you.... This poem was such a joy to write... Yes alot of love went into this poem.. When I think about the things my boys have done...All I can do is smile....

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Jim Foulk 16 January 2007

what a beautiful, heart felt, touching piece of poetry, filled with love, that only a true hearted mother could write, you remind me of my mom, she was the same and said the same thing to me, thanks for sharing this with us.

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