Searching Poem by Katherine Graven


Rating: 5.0

dedicated to my sisters

The Feelings

inside are all locked away
Will they float to the service of my heart one day?
My heart has closed off from all the rejection
Abandoned from loved ones and from God’s protection


this is a hard life lesson
for five little girls to live through
Just to be pushed off into strangers harsh hands
who are not willing to love you


I wonder why to this very day
Why we were given way
Why this was God’s command
Someone please make me understand

Why Are

Helpless children born into the arms of loneliness
Just to be pushed aside
By the people who God entrusted to love them
And to be their spiritual guide

What Is

A Mother? For she should have been there
A Father? Why did he not care?
A family? None have ever claimed to be
Responsible for what happen to my sisters and me
Year after year it is the same
Everyone looks to the other to blame

Then Without Cause

Your bloodline is broken your name is changed
Identity stolen with only mind’s shadows to keep you sane
Crying to recall and except the bitter cold truth
That your parents or family no longer gives a second thought
about you


Strangers who take you in then put you to shame
No matter what you are always the one who they blame
Knowing that you can never be good enough
Being equal in this stranger’s family…
Is that really asking too much?

Which Misplaced

Siblings who become strangers with no trust in sight
Little souls invisible in it’s glowing light
With painful broken angel wings trying to escape
From the curse which holds them in bondage and hate
Tiny hearts that contain shattered pieces
Forever hiding their true feelings
And misgivings


Adult-hood you are on your own
Just grasping at straws to find someone to love you
and know you belong
Not opening up when it does come along
Then ending up again… alone
Still carrying on
On your own


In the forbidden unknown
Never really feeling you measure up or belong
Blaming yourself for all life’s broken promises
Trying to open up too strangers
Just to receive hugs and kisses


North, South, East and West
Even putting wishing stars to the test.
Hoping someday your heart can find the one
Who will give you guidance and acceptance
But most of all

A Loving Home

When people grow up in foster care, some never fit in anywhere... They make mistakes because they are seeing things that others do not understand. When all they are Searching for is a loving home.
Katherine Graven 30 November 2006

Joshua, Well... I hope being lost for words... is a good thing.. Thank you for the veiw...

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Joshua Fegley 29 November 2006

I'm lost for words........................

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