The Spider (2014) Poem by Darlene Walsh

The Spider (2014)

Spinning, spinning
The trap is winning
Around and around
The plan is sound

Send weapons in here
Sneak soldiers in there
And when they notice, lie
Wars first casualty, deny

Behind the scenes
Pulling the strings
Watch the world dance
Web of deceit advance

A plane in the sky
Swat it like a fly
The innocents die
Your guilt deny

The spiders plans done
Down it's strings they run
More bombs and guns
The death of more sons

First one area then another
In the clutches of war's mother
How many will fall
To the spiders call

Will war turn cold
With rulers so bold
Or does it get hot
With spiders next swat

It took one shot
To make war hot
Millions found gore
In the Great War

Will peace fall
At spiders call
Strings he can pull
Eyes covered by wool

At spiders next sting
Will world war ring
Watch the world dance
Web of deceit advance

Friday, September 5, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: war and peace
Yes, I spend too much time thinking while mowing lawns. Yes, I read a lot of history! One thing that's been popping up in my thoughts lately is war. Ukraine, ISIS, other hot spots of conflict. The Iron Curtain fell before my birth. Is it being raised again, with strong foundations again being laid in Ukraine? The first casualty of war is said to be truth. What do we really know about this growing conflict? Is it a local matter, or is it the beginnings of East versus West. Is there really a spider, working behind the scenes, in the shadows of Mother Russia; are they just protecting fellow Russians in Ukraine, or is this just the beginning of the web to expand Russia? Or is there some plan in Europe to incite violence, is the spider from the West? I'm sure wiser people than I know better, but I think a dark web is spreading in the world, a web in which we may all be trapped.
Bri Edwards 17 December 2015

i think the apostrophe migrated from spiders to it's (in error) here: The spiders plans done Down it's strings they run ..........pesky little apostrophes! when WILL they learn their place(s) . gee, maybe you ‘want’ an apostrophe in “plans” also? ? I just read the Poet’s Note. THANKS. ya gotta do something while mowing lawns, besides mow lawns that is. of course! why not think of evil? ? and who the heck knows who, what, when, where, and why about all the goings on? ? don’t get too uptight about it. there are plenty of people left in the world (too many): wars are perhaps one of God’s plans to control the population? ? half-joking! I’m half-sorry! “First one area then another In the clutches of war's mother” …………nice rhyme, but “war’s mother”? ? are you referring to Death? or poverty, or religious or racial or ethnic intolerance perhaps? greed? drugs? ignorance? hunger? so many mothers! another apostrophe ‘needed’: …….“To the spiders call” [remember how much I like you and your writing, Darla! I know apostrophes are merely 'blips on the screen'.] I found the last three (3) stanzas to be exceptionally good! and I liked the repeat of the last two lines of the poem. (or were you just too tired from mowing to make up ‘new’ lines at the ending! ? ?) bri :) to MyPoemList because of the topic and the effort you put into it. does your boss actually PAY you to dream up poems? would you like this or any others in December’s showcase? bri :)

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Valsa George 26 August 2015

Enjoyed this highly metaphoric write. First I thought it was all about a spider and its web... But soon I realized, it is about the web of violence and war and the despotic forces sitting at the hem, pulling the strings of rebellion and the poor war victims killed by the war mongers as flies by a malevolent spider! Let the world realize that war is not an answer to any problem! Great write, Darlene!

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Leloudia Migdali 02 August 2015

I am afraid spiders will keep weaving the web of dominance over the world, unless they are stopped! A very good poem!

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